Bounce Back: Your Blueprint to Emotional Resilience After a Personal Loss

A 90-Minute Webinar to Help You Cope with Grief and Reclaim Your Life
Because, grief alone has the power to heal

Hi! I am Deepak Deopure...

As a certified Grief Educator by world-renowned grief expert and my mentor David Kessler, I specialize in, helping individuals navigate the difficult process of grieving after a loss. As someone who has experienced loss myself (know my story), I understand firsthand how overwhelming and confusing it can feel. That's why I am passionate about providing a safe and supportive space for my clients to work through their emotions, develop coping strategies, and find a path forward.

My approach is grounded in empathy, compassion, and non-judgment. I believe that everyone's grief journey is unique and that there is no "right" way to grieve. My goal is to meet my clients where they are and support them in finding the tools and resources that work best for them.

Whether you are struggling with the loss of a loved one, a significant life change, or any other type of grief, I am here to offer guidance with my unique program "Grief and it's 6 needs" and community to Heal Together(HTC) as you navigate this difficult terrain. I am on a mission to help everyone grieving find hope, healing, and a sense of peace in the midst of your loss.

Coping with Grief: The Six Essential Needs 

Grief is an intricate journey, unique to each individual who traverses its challenging terrain. In the realm of grief, understanding and addressing essential needs can serve
as a compass, guiding individuals toward healing and resilience.

My approach as a Grief Educator, Coach and Counsellor is to address the below essential needs of grieving individuals

To Allow You To Witness Your Pain

Grief, at its core, is a brutal experience. The first essential need involves acknowledging this pain and ensuring that it is witnessed. Providing a space for individuals to express their loss, to be seen in their sorrow, is a powerful gift. When we see our grief mirrored in another's eyes, it becomes real and meaningful. The journey through grief becomes more bearable when shared with someone who understands without an agenda, offering comfort and validation.

To Be Able To Effectively Express Your Feelings

Once the pain is acknowledged, the next crucial step is to express the feelings. Grief often leads to overwhelming and repetitive storytelling. The focus here is on connecting with the present moment and expressing emotions as they are experienced today. I believe that grieving individuals are my teachers, and my role is to provide you with the space and encouragement for you to discover your voice and articulate these overwhelming emotions.

To Release the Burden of Guilt

Guilt and grief often intertwine, creating layers of complexity. Exploring and addressing feelings of guilt is essential in the grieving process. To address this, I use a transformative approach by Switching the narrative from "what-ifs" to "even-ifs". By acknowledging guilt, processing it, and fostering self-forgiveness, individuals can release the burden and move towards healing.

To Be Free from Old Wounds

Taking a holistic approach to grief involves addressing old wounds that may surface during the process. Trauma and past experiences play a significant role in shaping how individuals process grief. Without addressing these wounds, they persist. My goal is to help individuals develop tools and self-compassion to confront and heal the wounds that contribute to personal beliefs formed in childhood.

To Integrate the Pain and Love

Acceptance in grief is not an instantaneous event but rather an incremental process. It involves guiding individuals through acknowledging and integrating pain and love. My goal is to help you remember them with more love than pain, and understand, that loved ones live on in memories. Grief doesn't diminish; instead, individuals grow larger in their ability to carry the weight of loss.

To Find Meaning in Life after Loss

Finding meaning post-loss is a profound aspect of the grief journey. It entails sustaining love for the departed while moving forward in life. Though the yearning for a loved one never ceases, an increased awareness of life's preciousness emerges. The sixth stage of grief requires movement, saying goodbye to the past and embracing the future. 

Join Heal Together Circle - A Community Of Grievers Who GET Your Loss

Move forward on your journey of healing and inner peace, one step at a time. As you honor the memory of your loved one, let each week bring you closer to a life that reflects their love and legacy.

A safe and supporting space

A safe and supportive space for members to share their experiences and feelings without fear of judgement or criticism.

Follow a proven path

Heal Together pathway provides clear understanding of the grieving process. It helps you get a sense of direction and find comfort in knowing where you are in the journey.

Live zoom check-in's with Coach Deepak

Join Coach DD and his team for a live ZOOM call where you can check in, receive compassionate support, and know that you're not alone.

Get your questions answered

Grief can be confusing because it is a unique, complex, and everyone's grief journey is different hence their questions or concerns at the respective stage also

Self-paced recorded courses

Experience teaching that goes beyond cliches to facilitate genuine healing. You will receive a fresh video lesson every week that you can watch at your convenience.

Get validation to your feelings in live group sessions

Grieving can bring up a wide range of emotions, and it's important for the us to know that these feelings are valid and normal. 

Heal Together Personalized 6-week Grief Counselling

Healing from grief is a gradual process that can't be rushed, but you can take meaningful steps forward with our 1-1 personal support program

At every stage of the journey, you can find support and encouragement to help you move towards healing and recovery, one step at a time.

  • 45 Mins 1-1 Zoom Session

  • A safe and supportive space

  • Reflective listening

  • Accessing your emotional needs

  • Understanding the stages of grief

  • Learn coping strategies

  • Regular check-ins

  • Tailored support

  • Complimentary Silver Membership (Quarterly)

What people are saying

I appreciate the way you bring hope and illumination to those who are struggling with grief. Your ability to bring light to people's hearts, especially when they feel burdened by grief, is a true gift. Thank you for your compassionate and supportive work.



Thank you for helping me understand the importance of getting my grief witnessed. I never thought it would be such an important step in the grief journey



The session helped me validate my emotions and I could slowly remember my spouse with more love than pain. Thank you Coach DD. 



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