S3E2 - Resilience in the Journey of Grief

Author Posted On 8 January 2024

Podcast Transcript

Hey, dear listeners. Welcome back to another episode of "Grief Untangled: Untangling the threads of grief, healing, and hope." I'm your host, Coach DD, and our topic for today is Resilience in the Journey of Grief

You see, resilience isn't just a word; it's a superpower we all possess, especially when navigating the twists and turns of grief. It's that inner strength that whispers, "You can get through this, no matter how stormy it gets."

Picture this: You're caught in a storm, the kind that rattles windows and soaks you to the bone. That storm? It's grief. But guess what? Resilience is your umbrella. It won't stop the rain, but it helps you dance in it.

Now, let me share a bit of my own journey. Resilience has been my co-pilot through the toughest storms, guiding me when the path seemed obscured. It's the compass that points us toward hope, even when the landscape is shrouded in sorrow.

But you know what truly lights up my heart? Hearing stories of incredible resilience from around the world. 


Sheryl Sandberg:

  • After the sudden death of her husband, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's COO, authored the book "Option B," sharing her journey of resilience. She co-founded the OptionB.Org initiative, aiming to help others build resilience in the face of adversity.


Dwayne  Johnson - “The Rock" as he is popularly known of:

  • The Rock faced profound grief when he lost his father, professional wrestler Rocky Johnson. His resilience shines in his commitment to turning pain into strength. He often shares motivational messages on social media, encouraging others to persevere through challenging times.

Or some, close to our land India like,

Padma Lakshmi:

  • The author, model, and television host faced personal struggles, including the loss of a former partner. Padma Lakshmi's resilience is evident in her advocacy for women's health, as well as her work in promoting cultural diversity and understanding.

Or our very own

Ratan Tata:

  • The former chairman of Tata Sons, one of India's largest conglomerates, has faced professional challenges and personal losses. Ratan Tata's resilience is reflected in his leadership style, emphasizing ethical business practices and philanthropy.

Now, pause for a moment, dear listeners. Take a breath. Think about a moment when resilience whispered to you in the midst of grief or a challenging time. It could be a small victory, a shared laugh, or a moment of profound understanding.

Now, let's unpack the resilience toolkit – a set of strategies to help you dance in the rain of grief:

1. Emotional Adaptability

 Resilience means embracing the emotional rollercoaster of grief, understanding that each twist and turn is a part of the healing journey.

2. Positive Outlook

It's not about denying the pain but finding rays of hope amid the clouds. Resilience invites a positive outlook that says, "I will get through this, and there's light ahead."

3. Connecting with Others

Resilience thrives in community. Whether it's sharing stories, seeking support, or just knowing you're not alone, connection is a powerful resilience booster.

4. Acceptance and Growth

Resilience encourages us to embrace change, accept the new normal, and discover personal growth amid the challenges.

now take another pause, my friends. Reflect on which resilience tool resonates with you. And which one you need to work upon. How can you incorporate it into your journey?

As we wrap up today's episode, remember this: You are more resilient than you think. Your grief journey is a testament to your strength, and with resilience as your guide, you can dance through the rain and emerge stronger on the other side.

If you have a resilience story to share or want to connect, drop me a message at connect@healtogethercircle.com

If I have enough stories, I will record a dedicated episode to share those stories on this podcast channel.

So what are you waiting for? Click the new mail in your mailbox and start writing.

And yes, I would like to remind you that we conduct a free webinar every week (on Fridays) covering this exact topic and it is called as Emotional Resilience Blueprint. In the webinar, I reveal the essential elements of Resilience, 3 secrets to resilience and introduce you to scientifically researched tools in the area of Grief and Resilience.

The link is available in the channel and episode description for you if you consider joining.

Thank you for joining me on this exploration of resilience. Until next time on "Grief Untangled," keep dancing, keep healing, and take care of your beautiful hearts.

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