S1E2- Unraveling the Common Emotions in Each Stage of Grief

Author Posted On 28 July 2023

Podcast Transcript

Hey there, welcome to "Grief Untangled: Untangling the Threads of Grief, Healing, and Hope." This is Coach JD, and today we'll dive into a fundamental aspect of grief - the common emotions experienced in each stage.

Before we get started, let's remember that grief is a complex journey, and understanding it can help us navigate with compassion and self-awareness. In this podcast, I'll focus on the top three emotions you may encounter in each stage.

  1. Denial Stage:
    1. Disbelief: Struggling to accept the reality of the loss, it may feel like a bad dream that hasn't sunk in yet.
    2. Numbness: To protect ourselves from unbearable pain, we may create an emotional shield.
    3. Confusion: Conflicting thoughts and emotions can leave us feeling unsure about how to cope with the loss.
  2. Anger Stage:
    1. Anger: This powerful emotion is often directed at the situation, oneself, others, or even the deceased for leaving.
    2. Frustration: Feeling powerless and unable to change the situation.
    3. Resentment: Bitterness due to unresolved issues or secondary losses associated with the primary loss.
  3. Bargaining Stage:
    1. Regret: Reflecting on the past, we may wish we had been better in certain roles or situations.
    2. Guilt: Feeling responsible for not doing more or not being there when it mattered.
    3. Anxiety: Imagining worst-case scenarios and fearing an uncertain future.
  4. Depression Stage:
    1. Sadness: Profound sorrow affecting concentration and productivity in daily activities.
    2. Isolation: Feeling emotionally disconnected and socially withdrawn.
    3. Apathy: A lack of interest or motivation in activities once enjoyed.
  5. Acceptance Stage:
    1. Serenity: A sense of peace and calmness as individuals come to terms with the loss.
    2. Understanding: Gaining a clearer perspective on life and the reality of the situation.
    3. Hope: Embracing acceptance brings hope for the future and initiates the healing process.

Remember, these emotions are natural and not confined to a particular order or stage. Grief is a unique and individual journey, and there's no right or wrong way to experience it.

Thank you for tuning in. I hope this episode sheds light on the common emotions in each stage of grief. Stay tuned for more insightful discussions in our upcoming episodes. Take care, and always remember that healing and hope coexist within grief. Until next time, this is Coach D from "Grief Untangled," signing off.

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